Back to School

Every year when the kids go back to school I feel like summer is over, even though there will be many hot, humid, sunny, days in our future. The occasional thunderstorm will visit us and the final activities of summer will play out.

Little children are attending class for the first time and on the other end, the Seniors are embarking on their final year of high school, full of hopes and dreams of college, and the future, and what it holds for them.

Teachers are making lesson plans, looking through the list of the students they will have, getting to know them… which one will be difficult, who will need some extra attention, who can be used as a class leader, etc.

The newness will wear off in a couple of weeks and the routine will set in. That brings us to… us. Where do we fit in to this cog called school. First of all we must pray. Pray for our students, teachers, coaches, counselors, office workers and administrators. We pray for the students young and old alike. Start with those students you know, then move on the masses. When you see a young person on the street, in a store, or in your neighborhood, pray for them. School can be a tough place, all sorts of temptations and opportunities to go down the wrong path. Pray for the teachers, especially those you know who are Christians. These people can make a great impact in a child’s life. They need all the prayer we can offer.

Let us be faithful and diligent to pray and minister, when we can throughout this school year. May our kids be blessed, and may our future citizens have the protection of our God over their lives.

Let the School Year Begin,

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