Combating the Enemy’s Wintry Blast

 Last Monday evening, I took my crossbow for a walk across a frozen field to a strategically placed ladder stand. The mercury had risen to 10°. It was cold. I had put on the warmest cold-weather gear I had. I put toasty toes in my boots, placed warmers in the specially designed pockets in my coat and put two handwarmers in my pockets. I was confident I would beat the cold! I climbed into my stand waiting for sunset, and hopefully a deer, so I could put some venison in the freezer.

One hour into the 2 1/2 set, I could feel the icy cold fingers of the frigid air begin to overtake the warmth of my boots. Just a half hour later, the cold had dispelled nearly all the heat in my body. The Westwind Claudet my face in general, and my nose in particular. I began to wonder if I could make it. I stuck it out, but when I climbed out of my stand, I was very cold. It was not until I was standing in front of our wood burner with the fire blazing did I begin to thaw out. I guess you have to like hunting. I do!

As I walked back to my truck, a spiritual implication came to my mind. The enemy of our souls is relentless. Like the cold, he will exploit any weakness in an attempt to freeze our soul. It is up to us to “put on the whole armor of God” (Eph 6:12), to dress ourselves with that which the Lord gives us to combat his frigid attacks.

This morning, I will be talking about 10 daily initiatives that will help us combat, and even thrive, enemy’s wintry blast slams us. We can overcome the iciest attacks on our soul, we only need to look to Jesus for his warmth.

Stay warm,

Pastor Rod

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