Contemplating the Weight of God’s Glory

I was sitting in a boat, on Kessick Lake, in Quebec, Canada, about as far from anywhere you can get in this world, miles from the nearest store, community … civilization! A slight breeze pushed the boat as we drifted with our fishing lines in the water hoping to catch, well, anything. Off to our left an iconic figure of the north swam, a Loon. Then as if on cue she, or he, I’m not quite sure which, gave that lonesome, shrill cry, so familiar to the north. Check off another from the list … hear Loon call!

For those of you who were with us last week, you know we started a series about the Glory of God. I had been thinking about the subject for month, determined to work it into our overall theme “Follow with Purpose”, and the nature of the trip to Canada with “the boys” gave me a lot of time to meditate, contemplate, pray and consider. The setting of beauty, solitude, even isolation, proved to be a stunning canvas in which to construct and build this topic. Inspired by the rich “Glory” of God’s creation, the stimulus of the Word and the revelation given through prayer, was amazing. An experience I will not soon forget. I only hope that in the weeks to come I will be able to share with you the “weight” of my experience, and the insight I received for what I believe is a timely message for Dennison Foursquare.

Thank you for allowing me to share THE GLORY with you!


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