Count Your Blessings

“Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits…” (Psalm 103:2 ESV).

When I was younger on Christmas morning and several days leading up to it, I would look under the Christmas tree for all the presents that had my name on them. I would count them and then compare how many were for me versus how many were for my brothers. I don’t know if you did this as well, but I have a suspicion that I wasn’t the only one.

I’ll never forget one Christmas when my dad caught me peeking into one of the wrapped presents and ended up taking the gift back to the store. I thought I learned my lesson when I saw it was one less gift for me, but it wasn’t until Christmas morning when I learned the real lesson.

My dad had taken back the stuffed animal that I had discovered several days earlier than I was supposed to. I got in trouble and thought I deserved to have one less gift. That seemed like a logical punishment. However, on Christmas morning, my dad revealed another gift for me that he had kept from under the tree. To my surprise, my father had replaced the toy with an even bigger and better one.

It wasn’t logical. It didn’t make any sense. My dad had, in a way, rewarded me for being a mischievous little kid. Later in life, I would learn that his biggest love languages is giving gifts. I guess it made a lot of sense after all. Even though I had messed up, my dad still loved me and wanted to show it.

I want to challenge you to take an honest look at what God has done for you. Maybe you haven’t taken time to slow down in the middle of a very busy season to count your best blessings. Maybe you look around and wonder why someone else has more or less than you have. It doesn’t make sense, does it? Maybe it doesn’t make sense to us, but God knows what He’s doing, and there is no doubt that He loves us. A loving father can be trusted to love his children even when doesn’t seem to make any sense to us.

How has your Loving Father blessed you this year?
~Pastor Susan B.

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