Divine Words of the Nativity


Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas; the thumpety, thump, thump of Frosty and the pa rum, pa rum, pum of the Little Drummer Boy’s drum. Words and sounds of Christmas. Holiday cheer spread around like confetti during a ticker tape parade. “Happy Holidays, sir”, “Merry Christmas, ma’am”. Holiday greetings from strangers. Words like bright lights of hope in a rather dismal world.

Over the month of December we will be looking at a few words that are synonymous with Christmas: Hope, Joy, Peace, Grace and Love! These words ooze with Christmas blessing. It is my desire that as we take a closer look at these vehicles of communication, that we will find a foothold to rest upon, that we will dig into the truth of each word during this Nativity season. I believe each word holds a particular, individual message to each of us, that through these words divinely given to humanity, we will find encouragement, strength, and direction as we walk along the Jingle Bell trail and enjoy each Silent Night during this Holiday Season.

Merry Christmas Church!

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