Freedom is Costly

I have been reading a devotional Susan got me a while back. The devotional is based on letters from those embroiled in the Revolutionary War. Continental Congress members, writers and signers of the Declaration of Independence, soldiers, and pastors. There are writings from General Washington and from his wife, Martha. The letters of the time can be somewhat surprising, yet the excerpts demonstrate the deep “divine culture” of the times. From generals to normal citizens, the letters, words writtent with conviction, passion, fear, and faith, paint a picture of a people hoping that God would carry their cause.

Loss of life, battles gone bad, treachery and betrayal was written about with profound sadness, anger, and hopeful divine intervention. All in all, you can see the great cost of our independence from England by our founding fathers, from the most influential and powerful, to the weak and helpless.

The struggle for freedom is a struggle that is not free. We can be talking about our American way of life today, or a much more profound freedom. The freedom of our soul. The most familiar of verses demonstrate this basic truth that freedom is not free; for God so loved He gave. (John 3:16) Christ’ death on the cross bought us our freedom. Sin’s grip, death’s stranglehold was broken when Jesus cried out, “It is finished.” His work was then sealed when He rose victorious over death, hell, and the grave. Our freedom, as we receive it, cost Christ His life …His death, my freedom! Praise His Holy Name . . . lam free!


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