From a Seedling to Salvation

A tree sprouts. Little by little branches form and strength occurs. Over the years God waters it with His mighty hand and He knows this is the tree that will be made into a cross for His Son. Yet He still waters it.

He grows it up big and strong only to be chopped down to humiliate and torment His Son on that fateful day. And He knows this! And Christ knows it, too. I wonder if the cross builder knew that he was fashioning this for the King of Kings. I wonder what Simon of Cyrene was thinking when he carried the cross behind Jesus. The criminals on either side; what were they thinking?

A Christian contemporary group called Third Day wrote a profound song called “Thief”. If you aren’t familiar with it you really need to listen to it, as it will impact you in a way you won’t forget.

As you celebrate the Risen King, remember all the thoughts that must have gone through people’s minds. Remember what was done for you and pass on the Greatest Story ever told with all your abilities!


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