Go Out With Joy!

In the book of Isaiah, Chapter 55, verse 12, there is a message of HOPE! Those verses were long ago put into a refrain that we used to sing. “You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace, the mountains and the hills will break out before you and the trees will clap, will clap their hands.” I was reminded of that song as I read those verses. I will be led forth by peace, what a wonderful promise; I will go forth with joy; what a picture of hope. The mountains, hills and the trees will burst forth with prasse and singing reminiscent of Jesus words “the very rocks will cry out my praises.”

So often in this life we live it seems as though joy and peace are far from us, and celebration is not in the picture. But those attributes, those promises from God, are very real and reserved for God’s people, for you, and for me. He can, and will, lead us through this life He has given us. We can find His joy, His peace, and we can also celebrate His glory. We can join the trees of the fields and clap our hands in recognition of the one who leads us, “go out” to be led forth. So… Let us Go!


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