Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year! Only three hundred and fifty-more shopping days till Christmas, or three hundred and sixty-four days till my wife, Susan’s birthday . . . my, how the time flies! Don’t laugh. We will be putting the Christmas decorations back up before we know it.

l don’t think anyone looks at 2017 and thinks, “I want this year to be a complete failure.” ‘‘I don’t want anything to go right or work out.” That is just plain silly. We want to have a good year. We want the things we put our hand to to work out well. We want success, happiness, and smooth sailing this year. Although reality tells us we will have our share of ups and downs, we hope for a lot more “ups” than “downs”.

As we approach this new year, as with so many endeavors, our foundation is key. Looking forward, planning and getting started with 2017 means looking to our spiritual foundation. If we lay the ground work . . . seek first the Kingdom of God . . . that solid foundation will go a long way in securing our success and happiness throughout the year. Also, when these difficult times do come upon us, we can stand strong because we have built upon the Rock, Christ Jesus.

Don’t neglect that foundation, my friend, Look to the word, spend time in prayer, do not forsake the gathering together with fellow Christians, and make this year a year of sharing your faith with others.

I look forward to what Jesus has in store for us the next three hundred and sixty-five days. I wonder. . . what amazing things He will do . . .?

Happy New Year, Church!

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