Having One of Those Days

Have you ever had one of those days, maybe a string of days when you are frustrated and discouraged with your walk with the Lord? You hate to admit to even thinking it, but there are those days when you question your faith, you wonder, “Where is God?” Life circumstances, pain, and disappointments leave you asking, “Where are You, God?

David must have been having one of those days in Psalms 42 . . . he said, “My tears have been my food day and night” (Psa 42:3). In verse six he declared, “My soul is downcast within me.” This Psalm tells us that people around David were mocking his faith, his God, asking “Where is your God?” David said, “My foes taunt me all daylong” (Psa 42:10). The persecution of his soul even affected him physically. He described his pain as waves and breakers sweeping over him; his bones even hurt (Psa 42:10).

Well . . . if David can have those kind of days, I guess I can expect the enemy of my soul to tempt and torment me as well. David gives us the solution in verse one. David marks the beginning of climbing out of the spiritual doldrums. He longs, even pants, as a deer after water, his soul also longs after the Lord. The beginning place, back to spiritual vitality, begins with the Lord (Psa 42:1).

In Psalm 42:4, David declares the importance of going to the house of God. Within the “sanctuary” of His house we can enjoy worship, participate in prayer, discover encouragement, and find support.

Two times (Psalm 42:5 & Psalm 42:7) we find another nugget that David gives us. David talks to himself! “Why so downcast oh my soul?”(KJV) It is as if David is giving himself a quick kick in the seat of his pants, a spiritual swat . . . “Snap out of it, David,” he says, “Put your hope in God!” Then, the friend of God says with determination . . . in midst of turmoil, while having a bad day, week, or month, “Yet, I will praise Him, my Saviour and my God” (Psa 42;11).

Let’s take a cue from David . . . pant after, long for our Savior’s care. His words, determine to fellowship in the house of God, and give yourself a spiritual pep talk . . . He will get us through the storms of life, the doldrums of our faith. He will never leave us! Bless His Holy Name!

~Pastor Rod

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