Keep a Healthy Heart

img_6511What I have been sitting in on the Sunday School lesson that this church offers at 9:00 am every Sunday, which is currently being taught by Carolyn Stutz on the Book of Jeremiah. Like a skilled surgeon she cuts apart each verse in the scripture and goes in to examine the content and shows you that the Bible is full of infonnation about our lives, and it gets downright personal. We have a personal God who is all knowing and loving and longs for us to be intimate with Him, and since God is the author this circles around to why the Bible gets down-right personal.

God sent Jeremiah to speak to the Israelites about them I exchanging their Glory for worthless idols. They have forsaken me, and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water. They turned from God like a corrupt, wild vine. Still, God declares “Return, faithless people, for I am your husband. Then I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will lead you with knowledge and understanding.”

Here I am in Sunday School writing my notes as thoroughly as I can and something personal comes up in the words spoken.

‘‘If we don’t check our hearts regularly we will become hardhearted and not realize it. The outcome of hard heartedness is the heart has become calloused, insensitive, uncaring, cold; and unfeeling. We become hard-hearted not all at once but over a process of time and a little by little the heart becomes damaged by disobedience in our lives. Without recognizing this condition our minds adjust around it and we I continue on under these conditions. Hard-heartedness is like hardening of the arteries and will block the flow of what God would have for us. We are to bring our hurting heart to God and transfer our trust to God and take it off yourself and others.”

I have let you read my notes on this subject. But I am sure that God can speak directly to you and much more clearly to pinpoint your own heart condition. After we recognize our own inability to change sin, help will come from our loving, merciful Father. We would have nothing to lose but all to gain with a deeper intimate relationship with our God.



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