New Seasons of Life

Daylight Savings Time is here. That means that Spring is just around the corner. The days will be getting longer. The weather will be getting warmer. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. The dull gray winter sky is replaced by the bright blue. The dead trees begin to show leaves and bloom again. Grass goes from brown and nasty to the deepest shades of green you can imagine. There is a newness that comes with every season of the year.

Just as the planet goes through seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall), we also go through seasons in our lives. Maybe the season that you are in isn’t one of your favorites. Maybe it’s been rough. Maybe things haven’t been going the way you had hoped that they would. Maybe you’re dealing with some difficult situations right now. Just as winter turns to spring, the seasons in our lives change as well. Revelation 21:5 says:

“And He who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new… ”’

Even if your season in life hasn’t been kind to you, God is seated on the throne and He is going to make all things new. I want to encourage you to allow God to lead you on through the difficult seasons of your life, trust that He is making all things new, and will be faithful to turn cold winter into spring. Surrender to Him your situation and allow Him to handle it.


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