Our Life Stories Can Glorify God

imageGood morning, it is so good to have you with us today. For those who seem to always be here, thank you for your faithfulness. For those of you who may be visiting with us, we are also glad you are here. I trust you all will experience the presence of the Lord today. God Bless you!

I want you to take a moment and think about your story. Think about your life, your past, your childhood, your parents, your children . . . your LIFE. For some of you those thoughts may be a bit painful, sadly for some, very painful. For others you have a treasure chest full of good memories. Your story is pleasant and fun to rehearse.

I would like you to think about the choices you have made, again for some, you may cringe at the memory of some of the choices you have made. For others, you may have made good choices and been blessed.

I also want you to take a peek at your disappointments. For most, if not all, we have suffered disappointments, things in our life that have affected us deeply. Take a moment to reflect. You may ask: “What’s the purpose of all this reflection today, Pastor Rod?” Here’s why:

All of us have a story to tell, even a story to live. Many times the story of our lives lead us to believe we have nothing to give, or that it disqualifies us all together. I want you to, through the rehearsing of your story, allow God to show you how He can take the pages of your life’s story and turn them into a blueprint for His future plans for you. As redeemed people of God, our story . . . your story . . . has great merit. Let’s allow our stories to glorify God!


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