Overwhelmingly Victorious


What does it mean to be a conqueror? I know you’re not supposed to use the word in the definition, but it means a person who conquers something. A conqueror is someone who has victory over something, or someone. What does it mean to be more than a conqueror? It means that a person is overwhelmingly victorious.

Do you feel overwhelmingly victorious?

Personally, I usually feel overwhelmingly average… or worse. I look at my failures and flaws and see a whole lot of battles that still need to be won. I’ve read Romans 8 hundreds of times. It’s probably one of my absolute favorite chapters of Scripture. However, recently something jumped out at me that I hadn’t thought of before. It’s quite simple, actually. Maybe too simple. Maybe I overcomplicate things.

The simplicity of God’s Word can sometimes be profound. If God has made me a conqueror, it means that there are things in my life that need to be conquered. I told you it was simple. It may not sound like much, but to someone that is in the middle of the battle and feeling discouraged every step of the way, it is reassuring to know that this is part of the process. The fight, with the failures and imperfections included, is the only road that leads to overwhelming victory.

I want to encourage you today. Your fight may feel overwhelming. Your steps may feel heavy and slow. You may fall down. You may feel like you spend more time on the ground than moving forward. It would be natural to be disheartened, but be encouraged. You are in the middle of a battle that you will win, because you aren’t fighting alone.

Remember, in the midst of your battle, you are in the perfect situation for God to make you more than a conqueror.


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