Palm Sunday 2015

There was something in the air, a sense of excitement, expectation, almost electric. What would the day hold? What was going to happen? It had been building for so long. The Man from Galilee, His teachings, the miracles, and the just a few days ago He raised His friend Lazarus from the dead… from the dead! Can you believe it? He was going to Jerusalem today. Would this be the day we have waited for so long?

The noise, just a buzz in the distance, grew louder as the crowd approached the Mount of Olives. Shouts of “Hosanna”, “Blessed be the King” could be heard. Palm branches waved in the air; people were taking off their coats and laying them in the road in anticipation of the coming “King”.

He topped out over the Mount of Olives, a sight that has never been seen before. It had been prophesied about, anticipated with great expectation, but here it was! Jesus of Nazareth riding on a donkey, yes a donkey! He rode that donkey right up to the temple. The crowd was almost out of control, yet not. There is something about this, something strange, something special. This was a good, no, a great day! THE KING HAD RETURNED.

Palm Sunday, a day with still celebrated today. We have the benefit of scripture. Looking back we can have a better picture of the event. We have insight that those who participated did not have. We understand why the donkey and not a stallion. We understand “His Kingdom” was a spiritual one. His coming was not to conquer Rome, but the bondage of sin that had held man captive for so long. Jesus rode into Jerusalem that day to bring peace, peace to all humanity… to me and to you!

May we wave our palm branches, take off our coats, celebrate the victory of the King riding into our lives. BLESSED IS HE WHO COMES IN THE NAME OF THE LORD. HOSANNA!

Happy Palm Sunday Church!
Pastor Rod

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