Peace Be Still

It always amazes me how fast January goes by. One day we are celebrating the new year, and the next Punxatawney Phil is looking for his shadow. February can be a strange month weather wise. I never put much stock in the furry rodent’s predictions but, the up and down weather can be a trial. February can be cold, stormy, icy, warm, flirtatious, and down right horrible! What are you gonna do?

Tuesday and Wednesday evening during our Bible study . . . hey here’s an idea, if you don’t normally attend our Bible study, try it, I know you’ll like it. This past Wednesday we talked about Jesus calming the storm in Luke chapter eight. A furious storm descended upon Jesus and His disciples as they crossed the Sea of Galilee. This storm that was attempting to sink the boat can be likened to the storms of life . . . the storms of February that would try to sink us. The enemy stirs up those storms in order to frustrate, discourage, even destroy us. You may be experiencing a storm this morning. Be assured Jesus is with you, He cares, and He can speak to that storm, “Peace be still,” just as He did in Luke chapter eight.

Let February blast us with its worst . . . let the enemy throw what feeble attempts he may have at us . . . our God is greater, more than able to take the teeth out of the storms of life. At the end of the day we can rest assured in “Peace, Be Still.”

~Pastor Rod

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