“I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your wonders of old.” Psalm 77:11 (ESV)

Last Wednesday the youth group had a movie nigy. (Without going too off topic let me just say that it is hard these days to find church appropriate movies.) We ended up picking the movie Finding Dory. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a forgetful fish who searches for her lost parents. Throughout the entire movie poor Dory has flashes of memories that she had forgotten long ago. She wishes more than anything that she could just remember what she has forgotten. I won’t give the ending away, but I will say that her memory is her only hope to find a happy ending.

It’s easy to forget. Sometimes it’s really easy. Some days make it harder to remember than other days. When things are at their worst it can bring doubt and our troubles grow bigger than our faith. When things are at their best it can bring about a self-confidence that pushes thoughts of dependence on God out of our minds. Is there something in your life today that is making it difficult to remember?

God is the same faithful, loving, and powerful God He has always been. His deeds and wonders are worth remembering. I challenge you this morning to remember what He has brought you through. Remember how good He has been and how great His love and power has been revealed in your life.

There are several examples in Scripture that tell us that it’s not only God’s children that remember. We are told multiple times that God remembers us. God remembers you. He sees you. In the Bible the word “remember” means more than just to reminisce about past experiences. There is an action that is associated with it. When God remembers us, He moves on our behalf. When He remembers you, He works for your good. He favors you. You are not forgotten.

God sees your hurt. He sees your struggle. He remembers the promises that He has made toward you and He looks at you with an unfailing love in His heart. Don’t forget that you are His child and He is your God. Remember the One who remembers you.


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