Resurrection Sunday 2015

We celebrate this glorious morning because we believe that Jesus is not dead. HE IS ALIVE!

With that wonderful truth fixed in our hearts and minds, we have certain privileges and responsibilities as those who claim Christ as Lord.

Because of the reality of Christ’s resurrection,
Because He died then conquered the grave.
Because He is alive: I freely give my life to my
risen Saviour.

Because He is alive: I will serve Him to the best
of my ability asking Him to help me become the
person He has destined me to be.

Because He lives: I do not need to fear death.
This life is temporary, and eternal life with Christ
awaits me after life on this earth ends.

Jesus suffered and died on the cross for my sins, and then after being in the grave three days, He arose victorious over death and hell. I can live in certainty that the same power that raised Christ from the dead will quicken my mortal body while living here on earth and will also raise me up from the grave to celebrate eternal life forevermore with Him. Bless the Lord. Oh My Soul!

Walking in Resurrection Power,
~ Pastor Rod

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