Sound Comes Forth!

Our state bird, the Cardinal or Red Bird, breaks the quiet of predawn with his unique song. Another answers in kind. They are the first to announce the coming sunrise. Soon a variety of birds are joining their song adding to the chorus with their own distinct songs, filling the morning with a beautiful concert of musical celebration

The Tom Gobbler rattles the woods with his gobble, gobble, gobble, as the sun lightens the east. A woodpecker’s rata-tat-tat serves to announce his workday has begun. The woods are alive with SOUND.

SOUNDS, notes, musical tone… I am reminded that the world was created by SOUND. Elohim our Creator spoke “Let there be…” and out of those words… SOUND… light burst forth, the universe, stats, sun, moon, our world, dry land, water, trees, animals, man, all was spoken into existence at the SOUND of God’s voice!

Was there a symphony of SOUND when creation happened? What did it SOUND like? Mountains crashing, thunderous roar of water, wind, shifting earth, growing trees, excited birds, animals with never before heard voices…. Was man’s first words a whisper or a shout? Did he cry? Perhaps both.

Did all of nature, the universe, and the world break into praise? Did the trees clap their hands? Did the oceans roar? Did the wind sing a lonesome song?

On this spring morning… How can I remain silent? How can I remain quiet? While in the presence of such worshipful SOUND, I will not be silent! I will open my mouth and… speak! I will join creation in worshipful praise to our Creator and my Saviour.

Enjoying the SOUNDS of spring!


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