The Anticipation of Spring

Colorful_spring_gardenOne evening as I strolled through the park, I felt the excitement of spring. As I inhaled a deep breath, I could smell the beginnings of a new season. The voices of the children echoed between the houses. The streets were busy and alive. I saw the growth of a daffodil peeking through the soil. Come on green grass and trees!! The people were smiling, laughing and singing, soaking in the warm temperatures. My inner being was yearning for another 60-70 degree day. The anticipation of spring; how exciting!

The Lenten season is as exciting as springtime. A time of preparation that comes before the blessed day, Easter. When I attend the Lenten services I experience a springtime walk. The people are singing praises to Our Lord Jesus Christ and their smiles light up the room as we fellowship with coffee and cookies. I’m excited to attend a different church every week to experience their worship and listen to a pastor that is not my own. My heart touched by the Word of God; a word from a Methodist, Presbyterian, or a Nazarene, it doesn’t matter because we are untied as one under Christ. My faith grows and I yearn for more of Christ.

Come and join in the excitement, and anticipate the day Our Savior rose from the grave. It is a breath of fresh air and growth. Let us soak up the seasons and enjoy what Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with.

Happy Springtime!

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