The Commute

Today after church, Pastor Adam and I are driving to Washington D.C. Adam is excited. If I’m honest, I am kind of dreading it. When I lived in Los Angeles, I worked 15 miles away from where I lived. It took me 90 minutes to get to work. I absolutely hated the traffic. My commute to work drove me crazy!

Did you know that D.C. has the worst traffic in the country? Today’s trip has given me traumatic flashbacks of my time in California. I can still remember daydreams about flying cars and the possibility of teleportation . . . all while my car sat still on a 5 lane highway surrounded by other commuters just as frustrated as I was.

Why would anyone want to take a trip right into the traffic capital of the country on a holiday weekend? The answer is simple. Our destination is there. Pastor Adam and I are traveling to Washington D.C. because our denomination’s international convention is there. The commute may be horrible, but the destination is going to be worth it.

Sometimes I feel like this life is a long and painful commute. There are some bumps in the road. There are frustrations and disappointments. Things don‘t go the way I wish they would. My plans fall through. My pursuits become slowed down or completely stop. The commute of life can really hurt.

Philippians 3:20 says, “For our citizenship is in heaven, from which we eagerly await. . .” Our present commute may often times be difficult. Be encouraged! The destination is well worth it. All of the struggle on our way is nothing compared to the glory of Heaven. Don’t give up! Heaven is worth the commute!


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