The Expectation of Christmas

christmas-family-traditionsDuring the Christmas season I find myself often reflecting on memories from my past. For example, I remember my Grandmother Esther whenever I smell the aroma of fresh baked bread. I still see her standing in her kitchen with her apron on working on an all-day assembly line of four loaves of bread and a batch of cinnamon rolls. She always knew that we world not be far behind coming into her kitchen and sitting down for quick family gathering and devouring that pan of cinnamon rolls before the sun set.

Another memory I have is of Christmas music playing over the radio in the barn as we were milking. It made for a festive background even though we were still grubbing away at work. I often imagined the manger scene when I was bedding down the animals for the evening. Fresh straw smells so good!

I also remember my mother-in-law Betsy, baking nad decorating a birthday cake so her family could come for Jesus’ birthday party on Christmas Eve at her house.

In all of our lives, there will be some traditions and memories that can’t be duplicated year after year just because that family member cannot be replaced in that memory and may no longer be living earthly lives. Everyone’s life is benchmarked with changes evolving from health, available time and even finances. So when you are reminiscing this Christmas Season over those funny sweet memories don’t worry so much about recreating the moment, but do remember this:


“He reached down from heaven and rescued me” (Psalms 18:16).

The Good News of a God who loves us and broke into history to come own and rescue us. Who moved heaven and earth to be near us, to love us, though it would cost Him his life.

It is good to create family memories at Christmas. However, it is best of all to revisit the story of Christ’s birth and the purpose of His coming, because that will always be a living event and never become a fading memory.

Thank you, Jesus, for rescuing us and thank you to all my family, past and present, who put a sweet smile on my face.


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