Unite, United, Unity, Unitize

imageWebster tells us various meanings:

1. A state of being united or uniform.
2. To join together in action
3. Made one.

The other morning I looked out the window and I saw a group of men at our neighbor’s. They were going to put on a new roof. There were eight men in all. I noticed one thing: when they started taking off the roof. They did not talk. You could see each man had his own job and he did it. By noon, they had half of the old roof off and the new one on.

The Scripture tells us so many times that the Lord United His people for certain events that we can’t name all. I think of Exodus 17:12, when Aaron and Hur held up Moses’ hands till Joshua overcame the Amalekites. The Lord United the army. I think Joshua knew who won the battle. Then we read of the opposition Nehemiah had when they were rebuilding the wall. (Neh 4:10-22). They came together as one body, in agreement, and won. Psalms tells us, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity.” In John 17, Jesus prayed that might be one, just as the Father and Jesus are one. We all are different in many ways, but we need to set aside those differences for the unity of Christ and His church. “Thank you, Lord”.

Last Sunday the Pastor had us stand up and pray in unity that the Lord would do all that we prayed for. We are united in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are one.



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