What Fathers Look Like


My father was my hero growing up. I could count on him being my strong front line when I would have childhood battles confronting kids at school when they weren’t acting the wisest. He had a great sense of humor and was respected as a hard-working man. His strongest character trait was perseverance that shone through even when the outcome would be bleak for a season. He gave me confidence to handle and complete the work at hand. He trusted my judgment when I would work something out on my own, and he would encourage me when l tried my hardest to accomplish the goal that I had in mind.

When I see Doug work with Katelyn and Will on instructing them with an athletic move, playing an instrument, or getting good grades in school, I witness our kids becoming more confident. I see them learning and becoming capable of handling that hard spot the next time around. Some life lessons are; to not give up when life gets tough; practice makes perfect; hard work is needed to bring better results; and be observant and grateful with God’s blessings in their lives.

Our earthly fathers do have a HUGE role to play with influencing our families, and sometimes because of our human nature, there are human failures and families are not handled so perfectly. Aren’t you glad there is a Heavenly Father who plays a BlGGER role and never fails. He canopies over each one of his children with:

• God cares about all our needs.

• God is merciful toward us by withholding punishment for what we deserve.

• God hears our prayers and answers them.

• God watches and waits for us when we turn from Him.

He is our life’s coach who loved us enough to have His Son bear restores, gives us hope, and encourages us to persevere with this life and to finish well. THAT IS JUAT A PIECE OF WHAT OUR HEAVENLY FATHER LOOKS LIKE!

~Kyla Frautschy

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