What I Love Most About Our Church

Early last Thursday morning, I was finishing up some of the yard work we didn’t get finished on work day. We had run out of mulch, so I was finishing the job. The air was crisp, I could see my breath, the sky was so blue, the sun bright . . . what a morning! As I worked around the church I was reminded how much I love this place. As I thought, I contemplated. I do, and really do, love this place, this physical place. The old building and the new one we built. I love the property, all the space, the grass; we have room to grow.

“What’s next, Lord?” I mused.

As I worked and contemplated, I realized what I love most about this place has nothing to do with brick and mortar, chairs and carpet, sound equipment or any other material things. What I love is the presence of the Lord and the people who call this place home. I love the lives represented, the families, babies, toddlers, teenagers, young adults, and well, the rest of us.

I love what Jesus has done, continues to do, and will do in the future. I love watching our church grow, change, struggle, rejoice and rest in Jesus. I love when we come together to worship, I love watching you fellowship after church or during special times of fellowship. I love to hear you laugh. I cherish our time together. God is so good!

This coming Thursday, Susan and I will be off on our grand adventure. First stop . . . I’m sorry . . . convention in Hawaii, Then we are off to visit our youngest son, Logan, in Japan. After that, we will travel to Thailand to minister with our Foursquare missionaries there. A quick visit with Susan’s mom in the San Francisco area and then we will come back home on July 1.

Wow . . . just so you know, we will miss you! God bless you one and all!


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