What Is Your Mountain?

Every year, the first two weeks in January are a little hard for me. As an accountant, the first four months are consumed with properly recording and concluding what happened financially in 2016 so everyone can file their income taxes and close and report on 2016. At the same time new projections are needed because the calendar says we are already four months into 2017.

What an intersection of information on the front end of each year which I look at with a grimacing face! Like a runner, waiting for the gun to start the race, I get apprehensive about the pace and the time demands that will be needed to finish the work before each deadline.

Something that I don’t want to face turns into a mountain of concern. I realize that each one of us has mountains or obstacles that are as big or bigger than the one I spoke of. What I want to present to you is a united answer to all those mountains out there that have been pushed up by struggles with things like health, financial, and relational frustrations.

God is like a best friend who already knows our struggles and our weaknesses. So you do not have to inform Him about what is going on within your thoughts because He already is aware and understands. However, we are all given a choice to die to our human nature and surrender our hearts to Christ. Out of obedience we must include Christ in our lives through daily prayer and reading the Scripture.

After learning about God’s promises through reading, and your own life experiences, you begin to start to lean on His ways. Even if you have to scale that mountain, God can fill you with strength, determination and a desire to climb to new heights. I have found that if you do take steps to scale that mountain, that with God’s help and a second look, the height won’t seem so unsurmountable.

Remember to pick up some memory stones along the way to place a marker at the top of your mountain. Then you can declare the Lord’s goodness and the awe of a deeper relationship that you have developed along the way.


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