You Gotta Love It!

Last Friday evening, for most area schools, if not all, began the 2015 football campaign. Young men took the field in traditional combat trying to win the day, keep their season perfect. A lot of preparations went into Friday night’s contest. A lot of weight lifting, plyometrics, calisthenics, drills and more drills. During practice they went over the plays, over and over again. They are running drills in their sleep. Two a day, film sessions, walk thrus and more drills. All this, so that theses “Boys of Fall” could play a game we get so excited about. Football, you gotta love it!

As I contemplate the game, the young men, the coaches, the band, the cheerleaders and the fans I have many thoughts running through my little brain. First “the boys”. They work so hard, at least the ones who are serious. They want to do well, make the perfect block, stop the run, breakup or intercept the pass, catch a pass, race down the sidelines for the score. They work hard, stay focused, do their job… that’s football. The fans, the cheerleaders, the band all watch, cheer, entertain, it’s all a part of “the game”. We watch, interact, cheer, celebrate, are sad when our team loses. Football, you gotta love it!

Now relate this to our walk with Jesus. Let me poise some questions? Do we work hard at serving Jesus? Do we study, practice what we preach? Are we focused in our faith? Do we get excited about our walk of faith? Are we moved with emotion, saddened or rejoicing over faith’s journey? Do we speak our mind, celebration of support, or words of concern? Do we voice our support even when we had a bad day? Do we join the celebration when we experience victory? These are all questions that can be asked. With football as the backdrop, we can see the similarity to our “walk of faith”, our game of life, although it’s not a game, it’s eternity!

Football, you gotta love it!
The Christian walk, gotta love it!
P.S. If you don’t like football, forgive me please.

Looking forward to the season… Football & Life,

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