Need a Fresh Coat of Paint?


It is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for an old fence, house or piece of furniture. The past week, Susan and I have been painting around the house. The walls of the garage, our fence around the yard, and even the house itself. I am always amazed at how good, how new, a fresh coat of paint can make whatever needs attention. It had been several years since we have applied the brush to our property, and I didn’t realize how badly it was needed until I saw the finished paint job. We sat back, looked, and said: WOW! What a difference. Over the years the paint faded, got dinged up, peeled off, it began to look bad . . . we just didn’t notice it so much! After the new coat of paint however . . . man, it really needed painting. Well, the painting at the PhiIIip’s house is almost done, some trim here and there, some odd and ends, and hooray, we are done.

The label on our paint can read “guaranteed for 15 years”. In other words, we will have to eventually paint again. When I saw that label I was reminded of the Old Testament sacrifice. Daily, monthly, and yearly sacrifices were made to cover the sins committed. In other words, the people got dirty with sin, and they needed to be cleansed.

imageOnly the blood of a lamb, bull or goat could cover the sin, so . . . over and over the blood had to be applied. That is until Jesus came. When God sent His only Son and Jesus lived the perfect life and willingly shed His blood on the cross . . . His blood did more than cover my sins, it took them away, forever. I have a lifetime guarantee, my sins are buried in the deepest sea, remembered by God no more, as far as the east is from the west, my sins are gone. I may sin again and its stain will attempt to mar my life. All I have to do is ask Jesus to forgive me and His grace and love for me kicks in, and I am clean once again. No more painting, no more sacrificing. Jesus has taken care of the stain of sin. Thank you, Jesus!

P.S. Maybe after a good look at your life you may need to ask Jesus to take care of some “painting”. If you do, you will feel amazing!


Sin And Dirt Go Together

autumn-thru-window1028In the fall, after a hard frost, I set a goal for myself to wash all of the windows in our home. A hard frost will routinely clean the air of bugs and spiders that insist that this is their home also. As I was washing the first couple of windows, I was overwhelmed with the dirt that had found its way into the crevices of the track where the screen ran up and down. This dirt could be identified as fine brown chaff which must have been blown in by the wind and dropped down into that tiny that tiny shaft. There were other dirty items accumulating on the windowsills also, like dead ladybugs, fly guts, spider webs, and stink bugs just to name a few. I was dismayed at myself for not finding the dirt sooner and then the next thought was of great appreciation for the window’s protection from the dirt actually coming into the house where we live. Yes, I eventually did get all the windows washed and I really enjoyed the brighter color of fall coming into our home.

As you can tell, I really studied the event of dirt and NOW how it applies to our lives.

Sin has similar qualities as dirt. Gradually over our lives, er are subjected to all sorts of environments where sin will build-up like dust, sticky grime, and loose chaff. Sin and dirt find a way to get in unnoticed and then cling to crevices in our minds and hearts, and in time will build up to a point of heavy burdens. Like windows we fight off a strong windstorm of debris, but in our own strength, we cannot filter off all the dust and grime from coming into our hearts.

If you do not identify the sin as dirt and find its entrance way, then you will be in a constant state of harassment. Our Lord offers us an alternative to grime build up.

Search me, O God, and know my heart;
Test me and know my anxious thoughts,
See if there is any offensive way in me,
And lead me in the way everlasting
(Psalms 139:23-24).

Don’t ignore the power of God’s cleansing to give you a brighter outlook.

Finding relief in my own heart cleanup,
~Kyla Frautschy