Stir It Up!

burning-wood-fire-flame-fireplaceWe are already three days into 2016; Fourth of July, here we come! Don’t laugh, we will be munching on hot dogs and s’mores before you know it.

When Paul wrote his second letter to Timothy, he was concerned about his young apprentice’s walk with the Lord and his ongoing ministry. Paul told Timothy to stir up andĀ fan the coals into flame (2 Tim 1:6). Almost every morning when I go downstairs to check the fire in our wood burner, there is only a faint red glow. I take the poker, stir up those coals, then crack the door and let the air flow over them, and before you know it the fire is burning. I put some wood on and we have heat.

Paul used that illustration to challenge Timothy to keep his spiritual life alive. Stir it up, Timothy! Let the Word of the spirit invigorate your walk with the Lord.

Well, I think those words of Paul would suit all of us as we embark on this new year. Stir up those spiritual coals, allow the Holy Spirit to blow over your life, add the fuel of His Word and prayer, and burst into the fire of the Lord. Accomplish all He would have for you in 2016.

~ Pastor Rod