April Fool’s Day

I love when Easter is in the month of April. March seems too early to celebrate Resurrection Life formally. (I know we need to celebrate Resurrection Life all the time.) But  April seems more appropriate than March. Spring is bursting forth, trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the weather is warmer  it just seems like April and Easter is a good fit and celebrating just feels right. April, however, has one little thing hanging over its head, “April Fool’s Day”.  What a way to begin a month. Let’s make something out of it, okay?
The book of Proverbs often talks about the foolishness of rejecting God, rejecting His wisdom, and His guidance. So, let’s not be fools. Let’s embrace all that Christ has for us. Let’s search for, run after, hold clear the precious truths and guidance of the Holy Spirit. May we allow our God to pour into us the Resurrection Life He has freely given to us. May we celebrate a the newness of life that April has to offer, both physically and spiritually.
Looking forward to celebrating Easter with you!

A Living Hope


“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to His great mercy, He has caused us to be born again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead” (1 Peter 2:3 ESV).

What’s the big deal about Easter?

When I was a kid, I didn’t get what was so great about Easter. In fact, I hated it. Easter for my family meant that we used what very little resources we had to try to buy fancy clothes for Easter Sunday. To top it off, I hated dressing up. Pastels and frilly dresses aren’t my thing. (I know . . . big shocker.)

I didn’t get it. What I did get was an Easter basket filled with candy. That was nice . . . but I still didn’t get it. I still didn’t really appreciate the gigantic importance of what Easter is all about.

Last week I received a text message from my mom updating me about some medical news she had heard from her doctor. Her most recent blood work revealed that for now, she wouldn’t need to get the chemotherapy and radiation that the doctor had originally planned for her to get.

After receiving her results, my mother said that it took her a few days to let the news of hope sink in. She had been planning for a hopeless future. The doctor’s words changed her whole perspective on what was possible for her. That is a perfect illustration of what Easter Is all about.

Where there was once death and hopelessness, there is now a Living Hope! Jesus’ resurrection means that the grave has been overcome. The resurrection means that sin has lost it’s power over us!

This Easter, I challenge you to allow the Lord to breathe hope into the areas of your life that feel hopeless. The victory is won. Jesus has risen from the dead!


Resurrection Sunday 2015

We celebrate this glorious morning because we believe that Jesus is not dead. HE IS ALIVE!

With that wonderful truth fixed in our hearts and minds, we have certain privileges and responsibilities as those who claim Christ as Lord.

Because of the reality of Christ’s resurrection,
Because He died then conquered the grave.
Because He is alive: I freely give my life to my
risen Saviour.

Because He is alive: I will serve Him to the best
of my ability asking Him to help me become the
person He has destined me to be.

Because He lives: I do not need to fear death.
This life is temporary, and eternal life with Christ
awaits me after life on this earth ends.

Jesus suffered and died on the cross for my sins, and then after being in the grave three days, He arose victorious over death and hell. I can live in certainty that the same power that raised Christ from the dead will quicken my mortal body while living here on earth and will also raise me up from the grave to celebrate eternal life forevermore with Him. Bless the Lord. Oh My Soul!

Walking in Resurrection Power,
~ Pastor Rod