April Fool’s Day

I love when Easter is in the month of April. March seems too early to celebrate Resurrection Life formally. (I know we need to celebrate Resurrection Life all the time.) But  April seems more appropriate than March. Spring is bursting forth, trees are budding, flowers are blooming, the weather is warmer  it just seems like April and Easter is a good fit and celebrating just feels right. April, however, has one little thing hanging over its head, “April Fool’s Day”.  What a way to begin a month. Let’s make something out of it, okay?
The book of Proverbs often talks about the foolishness of rejecting God, rejecting His wisdom, and His guidance. So, let’s not be fools. Let’s embrace all that Christ has for us. Let’s search for, run after, hold clear the precious truths and guidance of the Holy Spirit. May we allow our God to pour into us the Resurrection Life He has freely given to us. May we celebrate a the newness of life that April has to offer, both physically and spiritually.
Looking forward to celebrating Easter with you!

New Seasons

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”
2 Corinthians 5:17

March is called a transition month for the season of winter to let go of its hold, and allow the next season of spring to once again prime the earth for a new growing season. Obviously, March is repeatedly known to give a surprise blast of snow or a week of single digit temperatures in the mornings. But I don’t care. It’s 30 days closer than last month.

Let’s take a look at ourselves and compare us to the next season. I did say March was a transition month. We can’t expect spring to be here tomorrow. It takes a process of little steps, but each one is a development for one big reawakening of spring. Spring is about small signs of hope of what is to come, which leads to something more spectacular. We go through a very similar transition as winter does to spring. By saying yes to God, this allows Him to start the reawakening process inside us with desires and a hopefulness for our future.

A transition takes place through God’s steady command over our lives. Then gradually a Godly beauty will begin to swell up inside us, break through that dormant crusty layer, and we will bloom with all sorts of greenery, colors, and fruits. Don’t stay trapped behind frozen soils. Let God and His promises be used like a spring tonic. God wants each of us to participate in the reawakening process, and He is there to guide the transformation of our lives in Christ.

Prepare our hearts for budding! Let this church be the biggest green space of hope ever! ‘


New Seasons of Life

Daylight Savings Time is here. That means that Spring is just around the corner. The days will be getting longer. The weather will be getting warmer. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. The dull gray winter sky is replaced by the bright blue. The dead trees begin to show leaves and bloom again. Grass goes from brown and nasty to the deepest shades of green you can imagine. There is a newness that comes with every season of the year.

Just as the planet goes through seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall), we also go through seasons in our lives. Maybe the season that you are in isn’t one of your favorites. Maybe it’s been rough. Maybe things haven’t been going the way you had hoped that they would. Maybe you’re dealing with some difficult situations right now. Just as winter turns to spring, the seasons in our lives change as well. Revelation 21:5 says:

“And He who was seated on the throne said, ‘Behold, I am making all things new… ”’

Even if your season in life hasn’t been kind to you, God is seated on the throne and He is going to make all things new. I want to encourage you to allow God to lead you on through the difficult seasons of your life, trust that He is making all things new, and will be faithful to turn cold winter into spring. Surrender to Him your situation and allow Him to handle it.


The Anticipation of Spring

Colorful_spring_gardenOne evening as I strolled through the park, I felt the excitement of spring. As I inhaled a deep breath, I could smell the beginnings of a new season. The voices of the children echoed between the houses. The streets were busy and alive. I saw the growth of a daffodil peeking through the soil. Come on green grass and trees!! The people were smiling, laughing and singing, soaking in the warm temperatures. My inner being was yearning for another 60-70 degree day. The anticipation of spring; how exciting!

The Lenten season is as exciting as springtime. A time of preparation that comes before the blessed day, Easter. When I attend the Lenten services I experience a springtime walk. The people are singing praises to Our Lord Jesus Christ and their smiles light up the room as we fellowship with coffee and cookies. I’m excited to attend a different church every week to experience their worship and listen to a pastor that is not my own. My heart touched by the Word of God; a word from a Methodist, Presbyterian, or a Nazarene, it doesn’t matter because we are untied as one under Christ. My faith grows and I yearn for more of Christ.

Come and join in the excitement, and anticipate the day Our Savior rose from the grave. It is a breath of fresh air and growth. Let us soak up the seasons and enjoy what Our Heavenly Father has blessed us with.

Happy Springtime!

Sound Comes Forth!

Our state bird, the Cardinal or Red Bird, breaks the quiet of predawn with his unique song. Another answers in kind. They are the first to announce the coming sunrise. Soon a variety of birds are joining their song adding to the chorus with their own distinct songs, filling the morning with a beautiful concert of musical celebration

The Tom Gobbler rattles the woods with his gobble, gobble, gobble, as the sun lightens the east. A woodpecker’s rata-tat-tat serves to announce his workday has begun. The woods are alive with SOUND.

SOUNDS, notes, musical tone… I am reminded that the world was created by SOUND. Elohim our Creator spoke “Let there be…” and out of those words… SOUND… light burst forth, the universe, stats, sun, moon, our world, dry land, water, trees, animals, man, all was spoken into existence at the SOUND of God’s voice!

Was there a symphony of SOUND when creation happened? What did it SOUND like? Mountains crashing, thunderous roar of water, wind, shifting earth, growing trees, excited birds, animals with never before heard voices…. Was man’s first words a whisper or a shout? Did he cry? Perhaps both.

Did all of nature, the universe, and the world break into praise? Did the trees clap their hands? Did the oceans roar? Did the wind sing a lonesome song?

On this spring morning… How can I remain silent? How can I remain quiet? While in the presence of such worshipful SOUND, I will not be silent! I will open my mouth and… speak! I will join creation in worshipful praise to our Creator and my Saviour.

Enjoying the SOUNDS of spring!