The Stories of the Passion

imageI don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like a good story. Fishermen are notorious for telling a good, albeit sometimes over-embellished, story. A sporting event can make for an entertaining narrative, and those of us who hunt can also tell a great yarn. It’s not that our intentions are to fabricate a tale, we just tend to exaggerate the facts … for the sake of a good story!

Having said that, for the next four Sundays I am going to be telling some extraordinary stories. I am entitling the series, “The Stories of the Passion.” Beginning with The Last Supper and ending with The Empty Tomb, we will visit the garden, triumphal entry, and the cross, along the way. Each of the stories we share will encourage, inspire and hopefully challenge us as we contemplate our Christian walk. As we seek to accomplish our very own Great Commission and become the witnesses Christ has intended for each of us, I hope you will be pleased with the practical lessons you will learn by listening to “The Stories of the Passion.” Oh yeah, I don’t need to stretch the dialogues, they are fascinating just the way they are.

Can’t wait to tell you a great story!
~Pastor Rod

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